Mid- Missouri Birth Photography & Film  

I can preserve the beauty of your birth story, documenting over 100 births I can tell you each one is so unique and I am here to capture it all. If you decide to birth in a hospital, birthing center or at home. I am honored to share your space with you and as a trained Doula as well I know the focus and knowledge it takes to be part of your birth team. 

Birth Packages 

I offer three packages that will suit what you are looking for with your birth photography expierence.

Each package will include:

- Each package includes an in-person consultation to go over all the details of what you are wanting from this photography expierence. - 

- Up to 4 weeks on 24/7 call time this is 2 weeks prior to EDD and 2 weeks after. -

- Labor, delivery and postpartum coverage beginning at active labor. -

- You receive all edited images from your gallery in high resolution, these will be delivered through digital download. I edit between 100-150 images.- 

PREMIUM and PLATINUM packages are avaiable for purchase as well and include everything above plus: 

- A beautiful artistically made film from the birth of your baby, catching all those details of you bringing him/her in the world, the powerful sounds that will bring tears to your eyes and those first tiny movements. -

- With the Platinum Package you get a full maternity session added to your expierence and well as a free Fresh 48 session!

Packages start out at $1,000 please contact me at 909-549-5809 for pricing information and more films or images from my portfolio. I am thrilled to be able to capture this beautiful moment for your family!

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