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Documenting Motherhood

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I love capturing the postpartum bonding moments between mom & baby. It is such a sacred time to document and capture the raw connection between you both. These sessions I feel are very healing for mom especially during a time in history where a lot of birth plans have been ripped away from the hearts of many parents. Not having your hired birth support at hospitals or your photographer that is there to help capture one of the most life changing events you will ever go through can derail your mental thought process on your birth experience.

With these sessions I plan on documenting those intimate moments once you are home if you delivered within the hospital. To give you those intimate connections you wanted captured but couldn't at the time of your child's birth. You can see with these photos below that raw connection I love to document. Mom and baby are nuzzling into one another, sharing heartfelt energy while giving her child the nourishment from her body and documenting their first shower together are just a few things I highlighted with her session. I want to capture motherhood in a way that shows the sacred space to bring love back to ourselves, our children, our amazing bodies and to slow down this time and take care of you! In a world where we are told to separate ourselves from this connection I am here to make it shine.



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